5 Benefits of Video Marketing To Help Grow Your Healthcare Practice

Benefits of video marketing

If you’ve paid attention to the online world over the past couple years, you’ll know that video content is bigger than ever. Video marketing allows us to connect with the world, get our point out, and build connections with all the right people.

What is video marketing exactly?

Video marketing is the practice of creating informative videos that are related to your medical practice. Typically, the purpose is to create valuable pieces of content that help solve a particular problem relevant to your ideal patient. It’s a way of building a connection with your viewers by answering their common questions and helping them with their ailments. By providing value to your viewers, you open the door to them becoming potential new patients of your practice.

There are many benefits to creating healthcare marketing videos for your practice. By doing so, you can build out your network, stay on top of the competition, and get your ideal clients to come find you rather than the other way around. Video marketing has never been easier. All you need is a smartphone, some basic lighting and optionally, an external microphone. You simply film yourself, provide your knowledge on a particular topic, and upload it to millions of potential new clients. If you’re interested in learning how to shoot a video for your medical practice: Check out this link on “How to shoot a video” provided by Wellneste.

So, now that we know a little about video marketing, let’s discuss some benefits of video marketing and how you can start creating high value and engaging videos today.

1. Video Makes For Great First Impressions

What’s the most important thing when it comes to doctor/patient relationships? That, of course, would be: Trust. Video allows us to build a connection with the viewer, by providing a solution to their problems and engaging with them on a personal level.

As a new patient, it’s far more relatable and personable to see a real person talking about a particular ailment than simply reading about it. It’s that face to face connection that shows the patient that you are a real person and you care about their condition. By solving a particular problem, you build trust with your viewers. From there, you can help them further by setting up call-to-action options such as “learn more” or “book now” at the end of the video. 

This is the next step in turning those viewers into leads. If it sounds a little daunting, don’t worry. Wellneste is able to help all health professionals who sign up by creating a landing page featuring an exclusive offer to turn new viewers into clients. Just remember, a first impression goes a long way. So make sure your offer or solution is direct, concise and relevant to the people you want to help.

2. Video Content Dominates The Internet.

When it comes to what people consume on the web, video is overwhelmingly at the top of the list. Videos are easy to digest, are effective for SEO, and are up to 1200% more shareable on social media than plain text. By creating healthcare videos in your niche, you can target your ideal type of patient, and build authority in your medical field. 

Again, it comes down to providing a solution and building trust. By creating a high quality video that provides value to your potential patients; you can build rapport and drive new patients to your practice. By optimizing your videos for SEO, social media and creating a professional landing page (a service Wellneste provides); you can get the most out of your video content and reach far more potential patients than a typical text-based webpage .

3. Video Marketing Is A Long Term Gain

One of the major benefits of video marketing for doctors is that videos are a type of evergreen content. Meaning, once you’ve published a video, it can be beneficial to your practice over a long period of time. As long as your video provides a relevant solution to your viewers’ problems, it can help you gain clients and build rapport months or even years after being published. Once you have a library of videos relevant to your patient’s needs, you can use them to generate leads automatically using a landing page in conjunction with your videos. 

This allows your patients to contact you after viewing your videos, allowing you to spend less time promoting the business and more on running your own practice. While making a library of videos does take time, the pay off can be very valuable if done right. A great piece of video marketing can serve you years down the line, making your practice run much easier once built up.

4. Videos Are A Form Of Online Branding

It might not seem obvious, but online branding for doctors is actually a large part of gaining new patients. You could be the most skilled doctor in the world, but if you can’t convey your expertise to your potential patients, why would they choose you amongst the competition?

This is why video marketing is so valuable, it allows you to show your patients why you can help them amongst all the rest. By creating branded video content, you show the online world what you provide as a health practitioner. This is more than just what advice you provide to your patients. It’s a way to introduce yourself as a person as well as a medical professional.

Revealing more about yourself as a person can really help new patients feel more comfortable coming to you. Especially when it comes to patients seeking therapy or other more sensitive topics. They want a health practitioner that they will relate to. When creating video content, don’t be afraid to show your personality and get comfortable. Creating that emotional bond between you and your patient is a surefire way to build trust and build long term clients down the road.

5. Video Marketing Is A Form Of Passive Income

Finally, something you may not have even thought about: Video marketing is a form of building passive income. By creating helpful videos and building a following, you can   earn money from your video marketing. This can come in the form of Adsense, where you get paid by allowing ads to play on your videos. Or, you can collaborate with other brands and businesses for potential sponsorships that align with your brand and message.

Dr. Mike is a great example of this. He’s a medical professional with over 10 million Youtube subscribers and has made an extremely lucrative business for himself on Youtube. On top of providing medical advice, he creates relatable and engaging video content related to his medical expertise. With millions of views spanning across his channel, you can be assured he’s making some serious income as a result. While you don’t have to focus on getting millions of views, monetizing your video content can be a nice way to earn a little extra money on the side.


There are so many other benefits to video marketing, but hopefully now you have a better idea of how it can help your practice. While it can take some time, the pay off is well worth it and will actually save you a lot of time so you can focus on growing your practice. With a proper video marketing strategy, you can build the perfect practice exactly how you want it. Marketing for doctors has never been easier. Feel free to contact a digital marketing expert at Wellneste and see how they can help you build out your digital footprint with the ultimate video marketing strategy designed for your Medical practice.


Max Rowan
Wellneste Editorial Team

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