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By bringing together a select group of world-class experts we are able to deliver a new standard in healthcare that revolves around human optimal conditioning with a life long journey and commitment to wellness.   

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This months Superheroes

Dr. Anna Chacon

Board certified Dermatologist

Dr. Michael Mak

Sleep Medicine Specialist

Milena Braticevic

PH.D. Integral Health

Dr Yale Smith

Triple Board Certified Physician

Karen Seymour

Registered Massage Therapist

grow your practice

We build a healthier society each time a person connects with the right health expert

The web has become a noisy place which is why wellneste helps elevate its member profiles in an easy to reach and  transparent way.   In return what our experts offer the public is:

  • Increased trust and confidence in their offering.
  • Greater connectivity on a personal level. 
  • Unending passion to help people feel their best.

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At wellneste, we are committed to building long lasting relationships

We are committed to taking healthcare delivery to the next level by offering better client experience to people who are looking for sound advice and solutions, online.

What our Superheroes are saying about us

Dr Rik Patel

“One thing is for sure, this platform is on a mission to change the health and wellness conversation in the digital era which is why I was interested in getting involved."

Dr Jia Yu Ng

" has helped me generate leads because of their focus on working with experts. This gives customers peace of mind and builds trust."

Gaya Navaratnam

"Their geolocation model within a 5km radius helps local wellness experts become more visible on local search results."

Dr Douglas E Lucas

" SEO got me on the first page of Google within 14 days. This was something I could never have imagined doing on my own."

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Physical Therapists
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Our TOP 14 areas of healthcare

  • Cardiology – Heartcare
  • Oncology – Cancer Treatment 
  • Neurology – The Nervous System
  • Gastroenterology – Digestive System
  • Endocrinology – Hormonal System
  • Dermatology – Skincare
  • Ophthalmology – Eyecare
  • Psychiatry – Mental Health
  • Rheumatology – Bones and Joints
  • Sports Medicine – Physical Injuries
  • Geriatrics – Senior Care
  • Diet & Nutrition – Food Intake
  • Physical Therapy – Body Care
  • Strength and Conditioning

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