Healthcare Marketing: How Do I Get More Clients?

Working in the health and wellness space is difficult as it is, not to mention having to worry about finding clients to keep your business thriving and successful. The healthcare market is highly competitive and without implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, you may be invisible to your target audience. That’s where Wellneste comes into play; Wellneste is the first digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO to help health and wellness professionals gain a position on the first page of google, leading to exponential exposure and business growth. 

Google receives over 1 billion health-related inquiries a day according to Google’s Health Vice President, David Feinberg, in The Telegraph report. Which means your website may be lost in a flood of other Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) leading to frustration and missed client opportunities. By utilizing our perfected SEO strategies we are able to help you become organically visible in the sea of searches, creating credibility and trust with your potential clients. 

But Why Wellneste? 

Marketing is essential if you’re looking to boost your brand identity and client base, but unfortunately, professional services don’t come without a cost. Marketing can be extremely expensive and can be a hit or miss depending on who you hire to promote your business. That’s why at Wellneste we incorporate Nobel prize-winning mathematician, Dr. John Nash’s game theory. The theory states that in the Nash equilibrium, the most optimal strategy is to consider the decisions of the opposing player. 

Healthcare professionals are featured in videos along with exclusive offers relevant for potential clients searching for solutions. This helps you rank significantly higher on Google’s algorithms to boost you to the first page, making you immediately visible to those who need your advice. Only 6% of people searching on Google actually scroll to the second page, according to Reputation911’s reports, so in order to be readily accessible to your target audience you must be on the first page. On top of this, traditional marketing agencies employing dated techniques of SEO are still charging customers five to ten times more for the same results achieved by Wellneste. 

What separates Wellneste from traditional medical information websites is the ability to deliver real and verified health advice straight from the healthcare professionals, while at the same time rewarding them with an increase in leads and cutting edge SEO. Once your video is posted, the power of our growing network of professionals actively works synergistically to turbo charge the digital presence of yourself as well as all of our experts together. What this means is the sooner you become one of our Wellness Experts, the more benefits you will receive from our platform over time. 

Think of it this way, say someone is searching for a new team of healthcare professionals online. The process of choosing which ones they want to try out is made easier by clinics and practices putting in the time to prioritize their digital presence, and translated to a feeling of respect for the client, who had taken their time to search for trusted healthcare. Further, the only clinics that would be considered are the ones that are easily able to be found on the first page of Google, something known to be an indication of credibility on the web. 

At Wellneste we take care of your core digital marketing needs so you can focus on your practice! What we require to get started is simple: all you have to do is film and send us a 2-minute (or less) video of yourself speaking about a topic in your area of expertise. We will edit, post and monitor the video while creating your own personal offer page and a contact form so potential clients can reach you directly and via backlinks to your website. We work actively to keep up with consistent posting and optimal content to rank high within Google’s algorithms so all you have to do is sit back and reap the benefits.  

Additionally, offers an ecommerce catalog that could be taken advantage of by businesses that provide products and/or services. If your practice is looking to sell we can connect them to your offer page, opening you up to a new direct flow of income/bookings. 

All things considered, Wellneste is an ideal opportunity for health and wellness professionals to gain a name for themselves and build trust within their clientele. Our team of professional digital marketers are committed to helping you become Toronto’s top health and wellness experts.  If you are interested in fast tracking your access to new clients, we are now accepting bookings for complimentary 15-minute consultations with a digital marketer on our team. We look forward to speaking about how your business can grow by becoming a part of a community of top wellness experts. 

Aisha Mills, Bobby Su
Wellneste Editorial Team

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