How cortisol imbalance can impact your overall health

Dr Yoel Smith, a triple board certified physician, discusses the impact of cortisol in our body.  Cortisol is a stress hormone that is released in response to psychological, physiological, and emotional impulses. When we experience stress, cortisol is released into our bloodstream that can have various effects on our vital organs, including our sleep. 

Dr. Yoel Smith highlights the importance of managing stress by understanding and addressing the underlying causes of stress and ways we can help return our body to a state of balance that begins with a ZRT saliva cortisol and hormone test.

About Dr Yale (Yoel) R. Smith

Triple Board Certified Physician

Diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiology Board Certified, Expert in Anesthesiology, Advanced Fellow in Anti-Aging Metabolic and Functional Medicine, Diplomate of the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Advanced Metabolic Cardiovascular Certification

With almost 40 years of medical experience, Dr. Yale R. Smith is a highly respected and well-renowned physician.  As the only triple board-certified doctor in the entire Brevard County area, Dr. Smith specializes in integrative and functional medicine, including anti-aging, revitalization, and illness prevention. He helps patients improve their health by uncovering the root cause of their issues and treating them at their source. His practice offers a variety of advanced treatments, including heavy metal detox, hormone replacement therapy, and sleep solutions such as peptide therapy, to help patients revitalize and improve their quality of life.

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"I am a cardiologist in Florida and I have referred numerous patients who I was not able to help to Dr. Yale Smith. He is trained as an allopathic MD and anesthesiologist. The persons who saw him are doing much better and are impressed with the results, the time spent with them by Dr. Smith and the thorough testing to find the root cause of their ailments."
"Dr. Smith treated me with such attention to care, as if I were one of the family. He thoroughly explained the extensive lab results until I fully understood everything! I am eternally blessed to have a doctor (local as well) who "listens" and pays attention to my needs and goals. The front office staff is also professional and caring. I am not a big reviewer and rarely post, but would definitely recommend Dr. Smith."
"Dr. Smith has had his hands full treating multiple issues with me. He doesn’t give up until the root causes are found. We did extensive blood work, saliva tests and diagnostic tests as well. He was able to catch a genetic condition that was effecting my lipid levels. One specific one was 3x higher than normal. It set me up for high risk of heart attack. Within 3 months following his plan, my numbers were normal."
"It was one of the kind experiences visiting Dr. Smith. His way of treatment is absolutely different from any doctor I have been treated before by. After one month from my treatment started, I feel absolutely great. Dr. Smith combines both traditional and integrative medicine. I flew from NJ to see him and I’m so happy I have done it. He is different, totally holistic and with outstanding personal touch."

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