How to alleviate anxiety and depression through massage therapy

Karen Seymour, a registered massage therapist, explains how anxiety and depression can have a huge impact on your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. From insomnia and fatigue to muscle pain and joint stiffness, symptoms of anxiety and depression can limit overall mobility and quality of life. Discover how massage therapy can help alleviate the symptoms. By manually manipulating soft tissue, the brain sends sensory information to trigger feel good hormones such as serotonin to relax the body, mind and your overall health and wellbeing.

About Karen Seymour

Registered Massage Therapist

Karen Seymour is a Registered Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and Yoga Instructor based in Beaverton, Ontario.
With her holistic approach to wellness, Karen creates a space where clients can slow down, let go, and be present during their dedicated time. She thoughtfully combines massage techniques, incorporating passive stretches, energy work, aromatherapy, and mindfulness to achieve optimal results for mind and body alignment.

Karen has a passion for sharing her practice with others and leads community workshops and retreats. She offers three signature treatments, the Heart, Kindness, and Crown, each designed to focus on areas of the body that hold stress, emotion, and energy. Karen is trained in massage therapy, yoga teaching, restorative teaching, life-coaching, sound therapy, and oracle card reading. She operates from her cozy log cabin, offering massages by the fire during the winter months.

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"Karen is such a thoughtful and thorough person and this is felt in her services as well. I did not realize the tension I was carrying until after my massage with Karen, where I experienced great physical relief and a mental shift along with it. I can’t recommend Karen enough!"
"Karen is THE BEST RMT I’ve ever had!! She is so professional, checks in to make sure I’m comfortable and the pressure is ok. She came to my home, set up beautifully and somehow turned my room into a spa! I cannot recommend Karen enough. "
"Her sessions transcend words and can be best described as TRANSFORMATIONAL! From easing physical pain and heartbreak to providing profound insights, Karen has always been able to work her magic, leaving me feeling lighter, rejuvenated, and inspired."
"I had a card reading with Karen and the cards were almost secondary, allowing her intuitive gifts and mediumship skills to come through. She spoke in such a powerful, loving and eloquent way that it opened me up to see much more of what was going on for me at the time."

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