How to lower high cholesterol and prevent heart disease in 3 simple ways

Watch the video as Alia Virjee talks about the 3 important actions you can take to reduce your cholesterol level. These steps are simple to do and you can start right away. The 3 tips include details on how to manage your diet, choose exercises, and control stress levels.

This is important because there is a direct correlation between cholesterol and heart disease. If you would like to connect with Alia, please fill out the form below and she will respond to you directly.

About Alia Virjee

Registered Dietitian

Alia Virjee is the founder of Tangible Wellness, where she helps people achieve their best health by embracing simplicity through their diets.

With over 10 years of experience, Alia has helped hundreds of clients manage their weight, address picky eating habits in children, and navigate health conditions by creating tailored plans that work for them. She holds a Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition (MScFN) from Western University and believes in building trusted relationships with her clients to collaboratively help them find their balance and achieve their goals. Alia understands the challenges of eating well in real life and the difficulty of navigating through the misinformation out there, but she can help you determine a healthy path that is right for you.

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"Alia is friendly, positive, realistic, nonjudgmental and extremely approachable. Highly recommend her to those looking for practical ways to improve their diet and overall health. I appreciated her level of knowledge, compassion and understanding while setting goals and a meal plan."
"She is insightful and gives great recommendations based on science and your situation. She has not only made it easy for us to live healthier but also helped us understand how and why! I would recommend her services to anyone who is even curious about their lifestyle and health!"
"We had a great experience with Alia. My husband was looking for healthy, natural ways to lower his cholesterol from a dietary standpoint. We absolutely loved Alia’s approach which was realistic, doable and motivated us to make changes that would be long lasting."
Naureen Datoo
"Alia is super friendly, non-judgmental, easy to talk to. She made the science behind health and nutrition easy to understand, and her recommendations feel realistic and achievable. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their diet and general health/well-being."

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