How to Maintain strong bones and prevent osteoporosis in old age

50 million Americans, and millions more around the world suffer from weak bones and they don’t even know it. This is an alarming number as our skeletal structure is what keeps our body in its right form and posture.  Without movement our body’s can’t function and therefore it is vital that we give our bones the attention it deserves.

To prevent Osteoporosis there are new methods in medicine that can prevent them from becoming brittle as we age. Dr Douglas explains how alternative solutions in medicine can help you maintain high bone density.

About Dr Douglas Lucas

Dr. Douglas Lucas is a fellowship-trained precision health specialist who specializes in metabolic health, hormone optimization for both men and women, osteoporosis, and longevity. He is passionate about addressing the underlying causes of chronic diseases to improve health span and lifespan.

After finishing his training at Stanford University as an orthopedic surgeon, he became frustrated with the traditional medical model’s failure to incorporate nutrition and disease prevention. This led him to join his wife as the Chief Science Officer for her company PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition. Since 2015, he has helped PHD coaches and clients navigate the complex field of nutrition research. Dr. Lucas pursued additional fellowship training from the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, the Academy of Preventive and Innovative Medicine, and Wild Health, and is passionate about working with patients to optimize their health through a customized approach based on genetic data, extensive evaluation, and in-depth lifestyle examination.

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"Dr. Lucas performed surgery on my left foot to remove a neuroma and to realign my first metatarsal with a proximal phalanx osteotomy. The surgery went very well and the pain during the healing process was minimal. This surgery made it possible for me to comfortably walk flat footed barefoot again. I am now able to enjoy walking, hiking, and biking again. Thank you Dr. Lucas and team!."
"Dr. Lucas is kind, patient, informed. He offered me a minimally invasive technique for bunion surgery and it was everything he promised--less pain, quicker recovery. At six weeks I was back to walking 3-5 miles at a time. I will happily have Dr. Lucas operate on the other foot."
"Amazing Surgeon!!! Super nice and caring man. Had surgery today and I believe 100% that it will be good as almost new. Had fractures in the calacanis (heel bone), I was in surgery for a couple hours and I now have two plates and some screws that will be holding it together to heal!!"
"Dr. Lucus is an amazing Dr. I had a fractured tibia that he was able to fix which the 1st Dr. that came in wasn't able to do it because it was so severe. Dr. Lucus reassured me and was honest what he was able to do. He had confidence and walked me though everything what was going to happen. I couldn't have asked for a better Dr."

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