See how Dr. Brice Blatz can Ease Joint Pain & Arthritis

Are you an athlete or senior dealing with joint inflammation, arthritis, or chronic pain?  Joint pain and osteoarthritis can significantly impact your quality of life. Most people think of arthritis as just cartilage loss, but there’s more to it.

Dr. Brice Blatz shares his expertise in peripheral and joint treatment, focusing on the underlying causes of arthritic pain and dysfunction.  As cartilage loses its cushioning effects, it causes changes in the underlying bone structure. However, a more comprehensive approach is needed when cartilage degeneration is advanced, targeting the bone beneath.

If you have had limited success with traditional joint injections, watch Dr. Blatz’s insightful video to learn more about this complex issue and fill out the form to contact him at RestorePDX to see if you may be a good candidate for their treatment.

About Dr Brice Blatz

Double Board Certified Family and Sports Medicine Physician

Dr. Brice Blatz is a double board-certified Family Medicine and Sports Medicine physician with a passion for helping patients find non-surgical alternatives to relieve their pain. With his expertise in Musculoskeletal (MSK) regeneration, orthobiologic, and regenerative therapies, Dr. Blatz is dedicated to creating collaborative, individualized treatment plans that suit each patient’s unique needs.

Dr. Blatz holds an undergraduate degree from Northwestern University, a master’s degree in Applied Physiology from Rosalind Franklin University of Health Sciences, and an M.D. from Chicago Medical School. Dr. Blatz completed his family medicine residency at the University of Nevada School of Medicine and his sports medicine fellowship at O’Connor Hospital, affiliated with Stanford University Medical School.

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"Dr. Blatz is not only a Shockwave master but his MSK ultrasound skills are second to none, and he possesses an uncanny ability to teach others. I really enjoyed my time at RestorePDX and appreciated the opportunity to be able to learn from Dr. Blatz. He upped my ultrasound skills to the next level with just a few teaching sessions. It was also invaluable to observe and learn his approach to patient care."
Stanford Fellowship Rotation
"I highly recommend Dr Brice Blatz. He performed PRP on my post tibial tendon which was partially torn and 3 months later I am walking around doing normal everyday tasks pain free (after a year of little progress using other therapies). I am very happy that I tried this procedure. Dr. Brice Blatz was very pleasant to work with, very professional and yet caring. I love the way I was able to actually see my progress on the ultrasound each month!"
I was really intrigued about all the regenerative medicine aspect of sports medicine during fellowship under Dr Blatz. We generally don't get as much exposure that i was able to have with my experience at restore pdx. Dr blatz would stay even after clinic hours to go over ultrasound skills to answer any questions I had. He would leave a good time between patients and go over the imaging with me and was very useful in my case.
I like the way Dr Blatz interfaces with patients. I really appreciated the details to which he was willing to go to explain what was going on in my left and right knee. He said next step was MRI. I was pretty impressed with how quick MRI got back to Restore and was looked at and next step was telemed conference with Dr Blatz, where he explained in detail what was going on.

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